Monday, September 6, 2010

Singapore = Fun time with Zak!!

Last Tuesday Jesse and I had a special trip planned to Singapore, for one night and one night only. This was a quick trip planned for visa purposes and to get out of Jak-town for a night. As we arrived in Singapore we had a great feeling about it. We had a great train ride to the downtown where Zak lives. The train really reminded us of taking BART back in the San Francisco days. We met Zak at a starbucks where we got off of the train and our night of fun began.

Side Note: Let me back up an hour or so. While we were in the airport we visited the duty free to see what they had and guess what we found??? Any guesses?????? Only our favorite Cuban Rum that we drank the entire time in Mexico with our bestie Vladimir, Havana Club!!!! I know, we couldn't believe it either, so of course we bought a bottle for Zak as a gift for letting us crash at his place. After we met Zak we dropped off our things and went to a little restaurant on Clarke Quay the main drag with great places to eat and drink. We had amazing food, great drinks and an overall great time talking with Zak until the restaurant closed around 12. Then we went back to his apartment and continued drinking, talking, listening to music and having a great time. Jesse got some great advise about business and chiropractic along with some good old philosophical conversation with Zak. Overall our trip Singapore was short and great. The city is a bit like Las Vegas and Disneyland mixed together. It's unusually clean, very, very safe and just a majestic city. I hope we can visit there more often and I hope Zak will get a chance to come here and visit us. Also maybe next time we can stay there for more than a day. They have the world's largest ferris wheel in Singapore and I would love to ride it. They also have little boats that give you rides up and down the river which really look like a lot of fun.

I have to say the first picture of Jesse looks a little odd but I must explain what we Are doing. In the Singapore airport there are massage chairs that you sit in and they massage your feet while you wait for your flight. And it is totally free! We sat there for a while and it was awesome and very relaxing.

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