Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monas plus pictures!

Jesse and I went for a walk to Monas a couple of Sundays ago and forgot to take the camera with us. Last week I decided to go back and capture some of the statue images that everyone needs to see. One thing they do have a lot of here in Jakarta are statues. They are everywhere, in the weirdest places and some in plain sight, but these are just ones that are in Monas. I think some of them are pretty interesting, like the picture of the men. They all have really, really, unusually large calves.

Fun Monas Facts:
It is in fact a NATIONAL monument symbolizing Indonesia's independence. The tower is 422 ft. high and was finished being built in 1975. Monas has 33 trees, each one symbolizing the 33 provinces in Indonesia. Side Note: I feel like there are way more than 33 trees and if there is in fact a grove with only 33 trees I have yet to find it. I sure hope you have enjoyed your tour around Monas.

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