Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Enjoying our new place

Jesse and I recently moved into a cute 3 bedroom close to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. We are really excited about this place because it's very relaxing and it's not in an HDB. We have a pool, huge room and a nice view. We live with a German guy named Florian and a Columbian girl whom we haven't met yet. It's a really great place, we will be here until the end of April then we will either move again or take over leasing the place on our own. It justs depends on how Jesse likes the commuting.

work photos

Here are some pictures of where I work. You may recongnize this building from previous posts. I never thought I would end up working beneath the building with a ship on top of it. It's fun and we meet a lot of nice people at the mall. We will see if it suits me coming in the new year, if it doesn't I may try and find something else. For now it's going ok. it's really great because I am walking distance from Jesse's work and I can walk underground if it's too hot or rainy to get there. His building is tall white building in the second picture up from the bottom. That's the Central Business District. The fourth picture up from the bottom is a structure that is going to be completed in two year still and it's going to be the Science Museum of Singapore. It's a weird looking building and i'm interested to hear what it is actually supposed to be.

The last picture is of a fountain in the mall. About 3 times daily this this explodes with rushing water running down the bowl from outside and then it drains to the inside. In this area they also give boat rides. The boats aren't very big and they don't go very far some i'm not sure how fun this is for adults. For kids it's gotta be a great time.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Jesse and I want to send you warm wishes for this holiday season. We are very excited for everything the new year is going to bring!! We are working hard and enjoying our time here in Singapore. This city is really great and we are having a lot of fun. For Christmas we decided to do a set menu at a local English Pub called Penny Lane. What the set included was a starter drink, appetizer, main course of Turkey, squash, jelly, brussel sprouts(our favorite), and some other goodies. After the main course was dessert of bread pudding and cranberry, pecan upside down cake. Then after dessert was coffee and tea time served with a delicious cheese plate. We were there for around 2.5 hours eating and were thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. When we arrived they had santa hats for us on the table along with various other toys, like a whistle, mini bowling set, balloons and noise makers. Since we got free santa hats we wore them around for the rest of the day. After dinner Jesse surprised me by taking me to a magic/acrobatic show on Sentosa island. He really had me fooled, and I had NO idea where we were going or what we were doing. The show was a bit like cirque de soliel and was very, very entertaining. Overall, our first Singapore Christmas was a BIG success but next year we may have to come home. They just don't do Christmas here like they do back home, plus there is no snow. It's 90 and humid. No matter where we are we will always make the best of our time.

The last picture I have up is of a Christmas log. People here absolutely LOVE these things and they come in all different styles. I've never tried one but have always been curious too. Maybe one day I will quit being a cheapie and spend $40 on one. NOT!! They are so expensive!

We miss and love everyone and hope you rock out the rest of this year in style!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sara came to visit and Nighttime Singapore

Some of you may remember seeing Sara in some previous post because she was the girl we were staying with in Jakarta, Indonesia. It seems like a while ago but it really wasn't. She was here doing a visa run and we spent a couple days tooling around Singapore. We went all over the city and had a fabulous time. She even accompanied me to two of my job interviews, which was a little weird for one but I didn't mind because the job interview was terrible and I wouldn't want to work for that guy anyway! Speaking of job, I got offered a position at Urban Hair in the Marina Bay Shopping Center and I accepted!! I'm super excited and start my training tomorrow and start in the salon December 1. It's a beautiful space and the owner is amazing, and they were willing to give me fair wages, so that's a plus too.

It's Christmas Time!

Well I thought I had a lot more pictures for this post but I will have to repost another Christmas special. Here in Singapore everything is decorated so beautifully for this holiday season. Every mall has their own special GIANT Christmas tree at their main entrance and they are all very spectacular. The main roads are decorated with ribboned things that go from one side of the street to the other. We are enjoying our time in Singapore very much. It didn't take us long to get used to the safeness, cleanliness, and efficientness of the city. We love, love, love living here!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

little Indonesian girl

Sara and I were walking around last week and I snapped some pics of this cute, dirty little Indonesian girl who is carrying a gorilla and eating a slice of watermelon. Sara gave her 5000rp for letting us take her picture.

The first picture is of Sara, Travis and flat Stanley. Flat Stanley was sent to Indonesia by mail and was getting his picture taken all over Jakarta as part of his travels. It was really cute.

We've moved!!


Hi everybody! In case you haven't heard, Jesse and I have decided to move to Singapore. Jakarta wasn't the town for us to be in and we love it here. Jesse is working with Wellness for life Chiropractic here in Singapore and I will hopefully be employed very soon. We are excited about this transition and are grateful that we have had the support of our family and friends during this time. Currently, we are staying with two friends whom also went to life west named Janelle and Derrick. We have only met them once before but they graciously offered their spare room to us while we find a place to live. We are staying in a part of town called Little India. There are tons of Indian Restaurants and Indian garb all over this area. t's very interesting and beautiful. I never new how many Indians there were in Singapore. Oddly enough when we have been looking at apartments people as us our nationality because they don't want certain people to live with them. Indians cook with lots of spices and it tends to smell a bit pungent so there is a little racism going on there. Also, they have entire buildings dedicated to them. This is all hearsay but I'm sure it's true.

I walked around a lot yesterday and found a few neat areas around where we live and snapped some pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Singapore round Dua

This is our second trip from Jakarta to Singapore since we have been here and this time we got to spend the entire day hanging out in the city. There is so much to do and see in this public transportation efficient city. It's very refreshing to be in such a beautiful city, even if it is for a short time. Again, we hung out with our friend Zac who is a chiropractor in Singapore and of course we wooped it up, drinking and talking until 3 in the morning. This time I was a little less hungover the next day, so that made for a good day.

Singapore has so much to offer as a city for anyone who is visiting. Along with the effiecient transportation it is also a very walkable city. The only bad thing is you have to walk early or you will be so hot and sweaty after about 5 minutes of walking. There are many sites to see and similar to Indonesia, Singaporians love their statues. I've included some pictures of the interesting statues that we walked by.

The 10th picture up is of what appears to be a spikey, shiny building. This building is called The Esplanade and it's shaped like a Durian. A Durian is known as the "king of fruit" and is rarely seen outside of southeast Asia. Durian in Bahasa (the official Language of Java) means thorny. It almost looks like a very thorny football and it has a very, very foul smell. And when I say foul, I mean like dirty socks combined with a little poo that has been festering for a few weeks. We have yet to try this fruit, which is said to be delicious but I can't get past the foul smell enough to try it. There's your durian lesson for the day. That's what this weird building is shaped after.

The next pic of Jesse is of a new casino built and opened fairly recently. It's called the Sans Resort and Casino. Kelly H is going to LOVE this place! It is the three towers that you see and perched on top of the towers is a what appears to be a cruise ship structure. It has tons of palm trees on top and seems to be a very interesting place. I can't wait to go there either!

The photo of the bird is pretty interesting. It was just standing there with it's head cocked to the side with it's mouth open staring at me. Jesse informed me that they do this to stay cool. I felt like we had a moment.

And the pic of flower row is a bridge lined with Bogenvia's. These are the same flowers Grandma Marcia has at her house in Mexico. It reminded us of her and Paul and our Mexican adventures.

The rest of the pics are snapshots from around the city. I hope you have enjoyed your tour of Singapore as much as we did!! Hopefully you will be seeing more pics of Singapore really, really, really soon. :)