Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jesse and I landed in Boulder, Co last Saturday and have really been enjoying our time ever since. We have been spending a lot of time with Petra (our niece), Angelie, Jeff, Esther and Eric. Petra is at a very cute stage in her life and is extremely animated and talkative. Marcia sent along a little tea set for her and she immediately started playing tea with Angelie, which was so adorable. We also gave her a little Mexicana chiquita dress to wear around for the next year or so. She also likes reading, watching movies and basically whatever else we are doing with her.

We are having a really great time here in Boulder and are grateful to be here with family. We will be here for the next two weeks enjoying our time and helping Angelie celebrate her graduation from CU.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to America

Jesse and I strategically planned our route to Colorado through Sedona, AZ and up through Taos, NM. It was very nice crossing the border into New Mexico because their rest areas are super safe, clean and overall just plain awesome. They are more like welcome centers, not plain old rest areas, with free coffee and very friendly people to help you with whatever you need. All of the rest areas in Arizona were closed so New Mexico definitely has a one-up on it's neighbor state.

Sedona was beautiful be we didn't stay, just passed through because the weather was awful and that allowed us to spend more time in Taos, NM. We did a three hour hike in Taos along the Rio Grande Gorge area. Breathtaking views of the mountains and a little chill in the air really gave us a great impression of Taos. Also, we found the mysterious restaurant Marcia(Jesse's g-ma) told us about with the best Chili Rellenos in the world. We tried them, and she was right. Absolutely, no question, best in the world. Thanks for leading us on an adventure Marcia.

The morning we left Mexico the sunrise was amazing and wishing us happy travels and a safe return to Mexico when that time comes. Some of the other pics are from the time we spent on the beach with family and friends.

Viva, Mexico!!

Jesse and I left Mexico one week ago and have been on the road for our summer adventure. Leaving Mexico was filled with all kinds of different emotions and a little piece of our hearts will always remain in Mexico. We made this decision in because we wanted to continue our travels throughout the U.S. before heading to Indonesia in August. This travel time allows us to spend ample time with family and friends.

Our last week in Mexico was probably the best ever! We spent time with Vladimir, Pavleta, Dimitir (Pavleta's husband), and Marcia and Paul (Jesse's grandparents). We went to the beach every day, had amazing meals at night and of course, enjoyed refreshing Cuba Libres. In case you are wondering, yes we did smuggle two bottles of Cuban Rum into the U.S. along with two boxes of Cuban cigars. I know, I know, we are livin' on the edge. Overall, we will miss Mexico dearly until our return.

I have posted a few pics of our last week and will follow this posting with more pics of our beach time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Fun New Toy!!

This is how we have been cruising around town lately. The owner of Jesse's office is letting us borrow it until we leave. It's a pretty sweet dune buggy and great for getting around town. It's also fun off road and has a cooler in the back great for freshly cooled beverages. We have thoroughly been enjoying this the past month, taking it all over the place.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

more Semana Santa Pics

Semana Santa Criteria:

Get as drunk as possible.
See if you can have the loudest music possible.
Fit as many people in your car as possible.
Find the most unique place to park you car.
Eat lots of Tacos while drinking beer.

All of these will help you if you ever come to San Carlos for Semana Santa

Semana Santa, Egg Coloring, Havana Club

Semana Santa is a celebration that happens the week before Easter Sunday and is VERY, VERY important for Mexicans. They utilize this time to turn our town of 15,000 people into a raging party of 200,000. Meanwhile, there is only one main entrance and exit to the town so it basically transforms San Carlos into a huge parking lot with lots of loud music and drunk Mexicans. Wherever their cars stop is where the party is. Even if it is in the middle of the road. They (the out-of-towners) also set up enormous tent cities along all of the beaches. It's a very interesting site. We have survived this weekend and also managed to color Easter eggs with our Bulgarian friends. All of this while averaging two bottles of Havana Club, our favorite Cuban Rum (not available in the U.S.), per day. This is quite an accomplishment. We are very proud. So proud, we have made a Havana Club shrine. Just kidding, the bottles make pretty candle holders.