Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Viva, Mexico!!

Jesse and I left Mexico one week ago and have been on the road for our summer adventure. Leaving Mexico was filled with all kinds of different emotions and a little piece of our hearts will always remain in Mexico. We made this decision in because we wanted to continue our travels throughout the U.S. before heading to Indonesia in August. This travel time allows us to spend ample time with family and friends.

Our last week in Mexico was probably the best ever! We spent time with Vladimir, Pavleta, Dimitir (Pavleta's husband), and Marcia and Paul (Jesse's grandparents). We went to the beach every day, had amazing meals at night and of course, enjoyed refreshing Cuba Libres. In case you are wondering, yes we did smuggle two bottles of Cuban Rum into the U.S. along with two boxes of Cuban cigars. I know, I know, we are livin' on the edge. Overall, we will miss Mexico dearly until our return.

I have posted a few pics of our last week and will follow this posting with more pics of our beach time.

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