Sunday, April 4, 2010

Semana Santa, Egg Coloring, Havana Club

Semana Santa is a celebration that happens the week before Easter Sunday and is VERY, VERY important for Mexicans. They utilize this time to turn our town of 15,000 people into a raging party of 200,000. Meanwhile, there is only one main entrance and exit to the town so it basically transforms San Carlos into a huge parking lot with lots of loud music and drunk Mexicans. Wherever their cars stop is where the party is. Even if it is in the middle of the road. They (the out-of-towners) also set up enormous tent cities along all of the beaches. It's a very interesting site. We have survived this weekend and also managed to color Easter eggs with our Bulgarian friends. All of this while averaging two bottles of Havana Club, our favorite Cuban Rum (not available in the U.S.), per day. This is quite an accomplishment. We are very proud. So proud, we have made a Havana Club shrine. Just kidding, the bottles make pretty candle holders.

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