Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Welcome Home

As I arrived at the airport I whirled through customs and had my bags within a record 22 minutes. I couldn't believe it! Jesse wasn't even at the airport to greet me because I was so fast. After waiting a few minutes he greeted me with a large bouquet of beautiful flowers after one long month of being away. The day he picked me up I went back to work with him and got adjusted and then came home and slept for 15 hours straight. That'll combat some jetlag!! The next day was Friday, Jesse's day off so we went around the city, to the botanical gardens (of course), where so many plants are blooming differently than we have ever seen before. There is so much new life there every time we go it never ceases to amaze!! Then we went to a place called P.S. Cafe for dinner on Dempsey Hill and had an amazing meal. After our meal we found a bar that has an outdoor patio and on the patio is a cute white swing so while I had an iced tea and Jesse had a beer we sat and enjoyed the beautiful night swinging on a swing. It was very romantic and a perfect way to ease back into our Singapore lifestyle.


On my way home (to Singapore) I stopped off in Colorado for a few days to spend some time with Joe, Ben, Angelie, Jeff and Petra. I took the train from Galesburg, IL to Denver, CO where Joe picked me up from the station. Colorado was a really fun time as always with crazy weather, beautiful hikes, great shopping, delicious food and great company. It's always great to see family. Also, Brady Gibbs was in town so Ben took Brady and I for a drive through the countryside to see the fire damage that was caused the previous year. It's very crazy how and where the fire hit and to imagine all of the new life that will grow because it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip Home cont.

I spent a lot of time in Davenport hanging out with Wyatt, now 3.5 years old. He is such a smart little guy and I love every minute I get to spend with him. We did a lot of shopping, playing and we even got to go to the park a couple days.

Mom and Cody also threw Jesse and I a baby shower. It was a fun shower and people from all over came to celebrate the upcoming birth of our first baby. My aunts all drove from at least 4 hours away, Anne flew all the way from Cali, and friends from Dport came as well. It makes me feel so special and grateful that everyone as excited as we are about our little arrival. Some of the things she already has are LOTS of blankets, clothes and two little stuffed Giraffes. I think she already really LOVES Giraffes. The picture of the tower with the giraffe on top is a blanket cake. That includes on the bottom layer, 3 handmade blankets from mom, the second layer was onesies and oufits and the topper was one of the stuffed giraffes and along the outside were pinned socks. It was a really creative idea! I guess I know where I get my craftiness from!

Trip Home

As some of you know I just spent the past month in the U.S.of A. I had a really great time and am grateful I got to spend so much time with friends and family. Just wanted to take the time and THANK everyone who made my trip so special. I first spent some time in Minnesota with the Hanson side of the family (Kelli and Bruce, Jesse's mom and stepdad). Kelli threw Jesse, baby and I a wonderful baby shower with delicious food, one of Esther's famous cakes, Ben Timm from Colorado, Aunt Rene and tons of other people. I had a really great time!

Then I headed south to the Illowa area spending time with my dad, sister, nephew, brother, sister's b.f., friends Damel, Craig, Holly, Jay, Sam and Ivy, and Keith, CArolyn and Taylor. My dad made me delicious food EVERY night I was at home and we watched movies, ate ice cream and relaxed a lot! It is always so relaxing and refreshing to go "home." I sleep best at my dad's house and probably always will. Cody, Don and I went to two Quad City Mallard's ice hockey games which they won. It was fun to experience something that my sister and her boyfriend do pretty regularly together. Do they even have ice hockey in Singapore?? I wonder.