Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Climb your faces off

Jesse and I just got back from our Thailand excursion. We went to Krabi, the rock climbing mecca, and stayed on a little peninsula called Railay Bay. This beautiful, majestic area is full of great things to do from rock climbing, to kayaking, cave exploring, relaxin' on the beach, cheap massages, delicious food and much, much more. It is no easy task to get to Railay. We landed at the airport, took a 25 minute taxi ride, then we had to get on a boat for 20 more minutes to get to Railay east. It takes some adventurous spirit that's for sure.

The first day we went climbing on a hillside wall hidden a little bit in the jungle that nobody else was climbing on. It was an easy lead climb for Jesse, he made it up the wall in a very short amount of time, and it was easy enough that I could also climb it too. We spent about half the day on the wall then the other half on the beach. Jesse being the amazing husband that he is, made me an ergonomically correct chair out of sand, complete with head rest and lumbar support. Then he made himself one and we napped and read on the beach.

The next day we went on a sailboat so Jesse could get a deep water soloing adventure in. Deep water soloing is basically rock climbing mixed with cliff jumping. Some people fall off before they get to a jumping spot but it's great because if you fall you just fall into the water. I was really wishing that I could do this but being 33wks pregnant, that's not a very good idea. Oh well, there's always next time. The captain of the boat had snorkeling gear so I got to go snorkeling and had a private beach all to myself to sun bathe. This was an all day trip leaving at 10:30 and returning at sundown. We had a really fun time and would totally do it again next time we are in Railay. After our trip on the boat we were hungry and exhausted so we stopped at our favorite local eating spot for some Mango sticky rice and went to another place for Thai pancakes. Then, we got foot massages for $10 total. It was a perfect day.

The next day we sat at the beach some more for the first half of the day, we also got 45 min foot massages on the beach, then the second half we climbed another route. This route was a little tougher to get to. We had to hike UPhill the whole way for 20 minutes in the mosquitoey jungle to get to the climbing spot. Some parts we even had to hold on to a rope to climb. It was totally worth it. The sheer beauty of this area is totally unexplainable, especially from this high up. Jesse lead the climb that we did and said it was his hardest climb EVER and a really big accomplishment. I only went up half way, high enough to get above the trees to see the superb view. That night we ate a really nice meal and decided to go back to the same massage lady as the previous night and got foot massages again. Twice in one day! It was awesome and every pregnant lady's dream!!

Overall, our 5 day, 4 night trip to Krabi was so much fun and we can't wait to go back. The beautiful blue water and the bulging cliff faces are still in my mind and won't leave for a very long time. What a great relaxing vacation before the baby comes!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bday 2011 part 2

The Saturday after my bday some friends, Jesse and I went out for some Mexican food and boy was it DELICIOUS! We had a really wonderful meal with some really great friends! We are so grateful to have such great friends here in Singapore.

Bday 2011

So, as many of you know I had a bday on May 18th. Jesse, being the amazing husband that he is, planned a wonderful day out and about in Singapore. We started the afternoon off getting picked up in an English style taxi cab(we have never taken one of these, they are very special and rare), and we were off to an undisclosed location. Jesse did a really great job of surprising me, I had absolutely NO idea where we were going. We went to the harborfront and got tickets to the chalet that transported us to the top of a hill called Mount Faber. Mount Faber is a high point of Singapore with beautiful views and 4 restaurants. This is also a prime wedding location in Singapore. It's really beautiful. From there we got back on the Chalet and rode over to Sentosa Island and wandered around there a bit. After this was all done we decided to go to my favorite restaurant called Wild Honey where I got a chocolate birthday cupcake as an after dinner birthday treat. Our day was a little shorter because of a Wednesday night class we are taking but overall it was a beautiful, fun time!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a short ferry ride from the Singapore mainland and only costs $2.50 to get there and $2.50 to get back. Some folks compare going to this island to Singapore in the 60's. Lots of bikes, hardly any concrete structures and friendly locals. We ate a delicious lunch and then toured the island on bikes. Jesse and I got a tandem, which was AMAZING, and Brian got a regular bike. On our bike ride Jesse and I had such a great time and at one point we were peddling so hard that the chain fell off. That didn't put a damper on our day, we still had a really great time.