Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wyatt and Jesse playing

Wyatt and Jesse played like this for a long time at dad's house. Wyatt only fell and hit his face once.

wyatt playing on the tredmill

Wyatt loves to do this at his grandpa's house.

Quad Cities

After a ride with our new Canadian friend, a bus trip, a plane ride, a taxi cab ride into downtown Chicago, and finally a train ride and a short car ride, we arrived at our destination in Erie, Illinois.

Our travels have brought us back to the U.S. for just a short week to visit family and celebrate the life of Grandma Dorothy Timm. We got the news that she had passed and immediately decided we would come back to the states to be with family and friends. We are only here for a week, but we are grateful for that. As most of you may know we are from the midwest so we decided to stop in the Quad Cities first then go to Minnesota to the funeral services. The temperature is very nice at around 23 degrees F. And it won't stop snowing. We are totally ok with this because we get to go back to sunny, beachy Mexico.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guaymas/San Carlos

So Jesse and I have retraced some of our steps and are now in Guaymas, Sonora, MX, which is where Grandma Marcia and Paul live. We decided to regress this way because Jesse has an opportunity to work with a doctor in San Carlos and start a chiropractic clinic of his own. We have been here for about a week and a half now and things are going really great. Jesse has already started taking patients (house calls) and the office will be ready February 1. We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity. The doctor Jesse is working with has made some pretty remarkable progress with natural cancer treatments (not chemo). His name is Dr. David Walker and if you google him you can learn more about who he is and what he is doing.

Our days consist waking early then working out a bit, eating, then maybe working our later, reading, sitting on the beach, you know those sort of things. We decided to try riding Marcia and Paul's bikes to San Carlos from Guaymas (about 30 miles round trip) and that was a success. We probably won't ever do it again but it was still a great time. Last weekend we went hiking with our friend Pedro behind out houses. When we got to the top there was a Mexican flag and the view was spectacular. The scenery here is very beautiful and there is no shortage of hiking trails and other outdoor activities. We are waiting for the water to warm up a bit so we can start swimming daily.

The picture of the beach is where we live. Our house is the one under the biggest tree on the street on the right hand side.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The road through the mountains

Real de Catorce

Real De Catorce is a beautiful, energy filled, tiny town in the middle of the Sierra Catorce Mountains. Originally, a silver mining town we ended up there because our friends from the Emerald Coast told us about it. This town is very special. To even enter the town you have to drive on a cobblestone road through the mountain for 24KM. That’s about 15 miles, it sounded like the van was going to fall apart. Then, right when you think you are there, there is a two-mile long tunnel that goes through a mountain that brings you to the entrance of the town. It’s really pretty amazing. The town is also where the movie “The Mexican” was filmed. It is still somewhat of a ghost town. Also, the Huichol Indians make a pilgrimage here every year from Jalisco. It’s a 400KM journey and they walk the entire time, barely stopping to sleep and eat. Here they walk to the sacred mountain (about 1 hr walking), where they pray to the sun god and pick peyote buttons for their ancient ceremonies. In order to pick the buttons they have to take a little bit at the time of harvest and thank the earth for providing this for them. They harvest thousands of peyote buttons every year and dry them for their sacred ceremonies later in the year. Anyone can walk to the sacred mountain and have a peyote experience. Jesse and I did a long hike in the morning to the mountain right next to the sacred mountain. We had a couple of firsts that day but unfortunately none of them included the buttons. Next time we will be venturing to the sacred mountain. Who’s coming with us?