Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quad Cities

After a ride with our new Canadian friend, a bus trip, a plane ride, a taxi cab ride into downtown Chicago, and finally a train ride and a short car ride, we arrived at our destination in Erie, Illinois.

Our travels have brought us back to the U.S. for just a short week to visit family and celebrate the life of Grandma Dorothy Timm. We got the news that she had passed and immediately decided we would come back to the states to be with family and friends. We are only here for a week, but we are grateful for that. As most of you may know we are from the midwest so we decided to stop in the Quad Cities first then go to Minnesota to the funeral services. The temperature is very nice at around 23 degrees F. And it won't stop snowing. We are totally ok with this because we get to go back to sunny, beachy Mexico.

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