Monday, May 30, 2011

Bday 2011

So, as many of you know I had a bday on May 18th. Jesse, being the amazing husband that he is, planned a wonderful day out and about in Singapore. We started the afternoon off getting picked up in an English style taxi cab(we have never taken one of these, they are very special and rare), and we were off to an undisclosed location. Jesse did a really great job of surprising me, I had absolutely NO idea where we were going. We went to the harborfront and got tickets to the chalet that transported us to the top of a hill called Mount Faber. Mount Faber is a high point of Singapore with beautiful views and 4 restaurants. This is also a prime wedding location in Singapore. It's really beautiful. From there we got back on the Chalet and rode over to Sentosa Island and wandered around there a bit. After this was all done we decided to go to my favorite restaurant called Wild Honey where I got a chocolate birthday cupcake as an after dinner birthday treat. Our day was a little shorter because of a Wednesday night class we are taking but overall it was a beautiful, fun time!!

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