Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to America

Jesse and I strategically planned our route to Colorado through Sedona, AZ and up through Taos, NM. It was very nice crossing the border into New Mexico because their rest areas are super safe, clean and overall just plain awesome. They are more like welcome centers, not plain old rest areas, with free coffee and very friendly people to help you with whatever you need. All of the rest areas in Arizona were closed so New Mexico definitely has a one-up on it's neighbor state.

Sedona was beautiful be we didn't stay, just passed through because the weather was awful and that allowed us to spend more time in Taos, NM. We did a three hour hike in Taos along the Rio Grande Gorge area. Breathtaking views of the mountains and a little chill in the air really gave us a great impression of Taos. Also, we found the mysterious restaurant Marcia(Jesse's g-ma) told us about with the best Chili Rellenos in the world. We tried them, and she was right. Absolutely, no question, best in the world. Thanks for leading us on an adventure Marcia.

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