Wednesday, December 29, 2010

work photos

Here are some pictures of where I work. You may recongnize this building from previous posts. I never thought I would end up working beneath the building with a ship on top of it. It's fun and we meet a lot of nice people at the mall. We will see if it suits me coming in the new year, if it doesn't I may try and find something else. For now it's going ok. it's really great because I am walking distance from Jesse's work and I can walk underground if it's too hot or rainy to get there. His building is tall white building in the second picture up from the bottom. That's the Central Business District. The fourth picture up from the bottom is a structure that is going to be completed in two year still and it's going to be the Science Museum of Singapore. It's a weird looking building and i'm interested to hear what it is actually supposed to be.

The last picture is of a fountain in the mall. About 3 times daily this this explodes with rushing water running down the bowl from outside and then it drains to the inside. In this area they also give boat rides. The boats aren't very big and they don't go very far some i'm not sure how fun this is for adults. For kids it's gotta be a great time.

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