Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We've moved!!


Hi everybody! In case you haven't heard, Jesse and I have decided to move to Singapore. Jakarta wasn't the town for us to be in and we love it here. Jesse is working with Wellness for life Chiropractic here in Singapore and I will hopefully be employed very soon. We are excited about this transition and are grateful that we have had the support of our family and friends during this time. Currently, we are staying with two friends whom also went to life west named Janelle and Derrick. We have only met them once before but they graciously offered their spare room to us while we find a place to live. We are staying in a part of town called Little India. There are tons of Indian Restaurants and Indian garb all over this area. t's very interesting and beautiful. I never new how many Indians there were in Singapore. Oddly enough when we have been looking at apartments people as us our nationality because they don't want certain people to live with them. Indians cook with lots of spices and it tends to smell a bit pungent so there is a little racism going on there. Also, they have entire buildings dedicated to them. This is all hearsay but I'm sure it's true.

I walked around a lot yesterday and found a few neat areas around where we live and snapped some pictures. I hope you enjoy.

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