Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucy, Robert, The big tree and Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro)

Jesse and I met up with our friends Lucy and Robert, whom were introduced to us by our other friends Wendy and Peter, for coffee last Sunday. Lucy is an America Diplomat's daughter and has lived majority of her life overseas. Robert is a New Yorker who moved here to be closer to Lucy his girlfriend. They have both lived in Jakarta for over 2 years and are fluent in Bahasa. After we had coffee with them they took us to their neighborhood and showed us what they have been up to. Last Thursday there were major cyclones in their neighborhood and a lot of the old trees were knocked over. Robert being a wood lover decided to barter with the men cutting the wood to get some pieces of his own. These massive trees were getting cut down at a snails pace and after days of giving the workers cigarettes and coffee Robert was successful in getting three of four huge chunks of this beautiful wood. He wants to treat some pieces and use them as coffee tables or something. I'll keep you posted when I find out more.

They also introduced us to the couple that has the van in the pictures. They drive their van around selling goods made out of recylced things. She is holding a bag made out of phone vouchers in one pic but they have lots more stuff packed into their awesome van. It won't be the last time we see our fellow van lovers.

After leaving Lucy and Robert's they pointed us in the direction of the school where Obama attended during his early childhood. If you enlarge the picture of Jesse and zoom in to the left of him you will see a bronze statue with huge ears. This is a statue of Obama himself. It's a pretty funny looking stature. Outside of the school is a plaque stating the years Obama attended the school.

We really enjoy hanging out with our new friends and i'm sure you will hear a lot more about them during our time here in Jakarta.

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