Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful Jakarta Night

The end of Muslim holy month Ramadhan has brought really great things with it that make Jakarta a more beautiful and tolerable city. One great thing is that most people evacuate the city and visit their home villages so there is WAY less traffic. You know what less traffic means don't you?? Since 2.5 million less people are here driving their cars, it means less smog, beautiful views of the hills and volcanoes in the morning and amazing sunsets. Here are a few pics Jesse snapped off of our balcony. We didn't even know the volcano was visible from our apartment. It truly was the most beautiful evening we have had in Jakarta since arriving two months ago. One more great thing about the end of the holy month is undisturbed sleep. We haven't been woken up by a mosque chiming at 4a.m. for almost a week now. It's been really amazing. We love sound sleep!!

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