Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orchid House

The Orchid House at the Bogor Botanical Gardens deserved it's own posting. It's a part of the park that contains over 3,000 different Orchid plants. We had a fun time with our camera in this place. There were so many different beautiful plants, we thought you would enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures we took while wandering around this area.

Overall, I also want to breakdown the cost of our day trip to Bogor to show you how cheap travel is here.

2 train tickets return: 44,000RPH (4.40USD) This is the a/c car, 1 hour ride with limited stops
2 park tickets: 20,000RPH (2 USD)
Taxi to and from train 20,000RPH (2 USD)
Lunch in the Park 50,000RPH (5 USD) We were so full it was hard to walk. That's a lot of food.
So our trip cost us around 13 USD for a wonderful day trip out of the city. We were really excited about this.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do.

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