Thursday, October 7, 2010

Someone had a birthday!

Jesse had his birthday on October 5th and turned the big 2-9! He's getting up there! We have been busy running around this crazy city trying to find our place here and make it feel like home. Meanwhile, Jesse had his birthday and we went to a premiere showing of Wall Street at Plaza Indonesia. It was a great movie and he had a great time. He said it was his favorite birthday. As most of you know I am not working so I scrounged up some money to buy him a gift. It was a traditional Batik shirt. Batik is traditional garb of Indonesia and other counties around here and he has wanted one for a while. There are so many different types and styles of Batik and most of it is very beautiful while some can be very, very ugly. I also wrapped his gift very creatively with a Jakarta Expat newspaper, he loved it. He said the Jakarta Expat never looked so nice. Ha, ha! I just didn't want to buy wrapping paper, the Expat papers are free!!

We have been having a great time enjoying ourselves in this crazy city. I am very sorry for the delay in bloggin but our internet has been very spotty and so has our computer. Don't fret, I have found a great place with fast internet so the blog post will be more regular. Next post will be about different ways to get around Jakarta. Stay tuned....

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