Friday, October 22, 2010

around town

I walked about a three block radius of our house to give you a better idea of what we look at every day. It's very interesting how many people look like they are taking a break or lounging around on the cement sidewalks or napping. They are a very relaxed culture here and nothing is rushed, EVER! The last picture is a Padang restaurant. Very Indonesian and very good. We have only eaten here once because we think it is the culprit in some intestinal issues that we have been having since that day. But the food is phenomenal, if you can get past it making you sick. You take a seat and they just keep bringing you a bunch of different selections. You either eat it or leave it. If you leave it they take it back and bring it out to the next table, if you eat it you buy it. Pretty simple and an easy way to eat way to much food.

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