Friday, October 29, 2010

International Fair

Right now in Jakarta at Grand Indonesia (the mall where I spend most of my time), is the International Travel Fair. Every travel company that books trips locally and internationally from here has a booth set up in the mall with special promotions and deals. There is one airline selling flights from here to Singapore (1.5 hr flight) for as little as $5. Yup, $5. I know, it's so cheap! This lady in the pictures is representing the travel to Thailand booth. She is a very beautiful Asian woman painting umbrellas with beautiful scenes. There was one with a giant peacock, a blossoming tree and another decorated with butterflies in flight. She looked very concentrated and meditative while we watched her paint and was very good at her art. It makes me want to go to Thailand and learn to paint umbrellas. They also had some traditional thai treats that were coated with some type of gelatin and had some coconut filling. They were delicious! Hopefully we will be able to visit their country soon.

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