Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend

Jesse and I had a fabulous weekend. I did another HHH run south of the city while he was busy finishing his first week in the clinic. Sunday we had a fun day roaming around Jakarta looking for an indoor rock climbing gym we heard about. It's not there anymore, or at least we could not find it. We are getting more comfortable doing these sorts of things. It's pretty fun getting to know the different areas and meeting more people, there are lots more events on the horizon and we hear about new fun, cheap things to do daily. That's the great thing about here is that everything is fairly cheap.

The posted pictures are from the run on Saturday. I put these up to show kind of where we were, and did I mention it was a torrential downpour the entire run? It was awesome never the less. The pic of me (jessi girl) is in front of a scooter lot. We haven't quite figured out what these are but they are EVERYWHERE! I'm not sure if people park there for work or if it is a sales lot or something. The pic of Jesse is of him in front of the motorbike he wants. It's a Ducati Mototard. I know it's a funny name for a bike.

Today, we are off to Singapore for our first visa renewal. We are excited to be in a different city for a night. The next post will be of Singapore so look out!!!

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  1. Love all your pictures, so fun to keep up with your adventures on spacevan! Your pool looks so awesome! And I think Sadie is Calliope's Indonesian cousin. Can't wait to hear all about Singapore!