Monday, August 23, 2010

New View

Jesse and I are getting along just fine here in good old Jakarta. Yesterday, we went on a fun walk to a different monument in an area that was about a twenty minute walk away. We decided it would be a good idea to just start walking and see where we go to and we ended up there. It is a similar monument to the Washington Monument except it is shorter and has a big fake flame coming out of the top. It was surrounded by a humongous park where families gathered and were flying kites and lazing around on the grass. This is definitely a place where we can run to, around and from and get a pretty good workout in. The only problem with this is that we will have to get up at 5a.m. to do it. Due to the heat and traffic. We don't need to get hit by any cars here. Across the street from this statue was another huge weird sculpture of horses inside of a fountain. I realize these aren't great descriptions and for that I apologize. Unfortunately, Jesse and I forgot to take our camera along so I decided to snap some other photos from our "new" apartment window. I say new because it is new to us but our friends, Travis and Sara, whom we are staying with have been there for about a week now. This is where we will stay during the month that Travis is gone, after that we will start looking for our own place.

The pics taken from our balcony and are of the swimming pool area, my favorite place these days, the one with the neon green pond looking thing is shit river from a different view, then some of the buildings around the area. The Marlboro package was found in our freezer when were moving out and yes, if you were wondering it has a blackened lung on it. Sorry, the picture quality is not so great. They do this so people think twice before lighting up. It's a pretty gross picture.

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