Friday, August 13, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jesse and I have now been in Jakarta for almost two weeks. This city is HUGE!! We haven't really ventured out of the areas we know too much until now. We are starting to get out and do more things other than going to the mall. That's pretty much all we did the whole first week. Well.....I may be exaggerating a bit. We also went to the pool a lot and we have been working out on a daily basis. I think we will find more entertaining things once we get acclimated a bit more.

The movie theaters here are unreal. There is a "Premiere" theater that you can get tickets to for $10USD and you get your very own lazy boy recliner with a little cubby next to it to store your belongings and in the cubby are blankets so you can get cozy. It's pretty amazing. We also went to the regular theater which was only $2.50USD and it was still pretty awesome. Comparable to a really nice theater in the US. We saw "The Last Airbender" in the Premiere theater and Salt in the regular theater. Salt was really good.

Jesse and I have some exciting things coming up. Today, we are going to run with a local running club, which we are really excited about. We would run on the treadmill at the apartment building but every time you start to actually run on the treadmill it abruptly shuts off. It's really unpleasant, so we are excited to have this opportunity. Tomorrow for lunch we are meeting Wendy and Peter. Wendy and Peter's number was given to us by Mrs. Tinsman in Davenport, IA. They are good family friends. We are really excited to meet with them.

I've uploaded some pictures we have taken. Of course while we have been here we have had to partake in usual American activities such as, going to Dunkin' Donuts and Ace hardware. Dunkin' Donuts here is just as good as it is in the US and their iced coffee is very delicious. Normally we wouldn't eat here but we were starving and our friends told us that was the only safe place to eat in that area. Either way it was good. We ventured to Ace hardware because they have pretty much everything you could ever need. We only got glass cleaner. But they do have Bianci bikes that are pretty nice. When we start making a bit more money we are going back there to buy some.

Overall, our experience here has been great so far. We are very optimistic and grateful to have this opportunity. There are much more interesting post to come so keep checking our blog for updates. I will try and do it more often now since Jesse has internet at his office. Peace, Love and Rock n' Roll.

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