Thursday, August 19, 2010

HHH Run, Wendy and Peter Update

Last Saturday Jesse and I decided to partake in a running group called the Hash House Harriers. We didn't even think to look up the local group because we thought that's just what it was, a local running club. Well, it's not. HHH is an international phenomenon that has been going for a very long time. Hashing as they call it originated in 1938, and apparently started on Monday nights with a group of Colonial British men to rid themselves of weekend hangovers. They did this by planning running routes in rural areas, then drinking a ton of beer afterwards. This is exactly what happened. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. All they said in the email was bring a change of clothes and don't wear new shoes. Well before the race, Jesse had on a pair of shoes, that certainly were not new, they only looked new, but they made him pour beer into his shoe and drink the beer out of the shoe. There were three others along with him that had to drink out of their "new" shoes. The route was a beautiful one going along rice patty fields and through small villages in the jungle. It was not an easy route and was about five miles long. We basically ran straight uphill for 45 minutes until we got to the top of the "mountain" and then it was downhill from there. Along this way I stepped in what seemed to be a huge pile of slushy, muddy, shit. It may have been just mud, but I think it must have been mixed with poo because the smell was horrendous. There are pictures of us pre and post race. As you can see in the post race picture we are all WAY, WAY dirtier than when we started. Post race they had food and beer for us. As much beer as you wanted to drink but you had to be careful because they make you drink take drinks of beer for outrageous things, such as, Jesse and I kissing in the circle. It wasn't even like we were making out either, just a little peck. They made us take drinks because it was our first run, and because I was wearing a dress post race. Overall, it was a really great time. We will probably partake in the event again.

On Sunday, we met with a couple named Wendy and Peter. Wendy is from Davenport and her parents live just right around the corner from Keith and Carolyn. Oddly enough they were in Davenport the exact same time this summer as Jesse and I. They said they walked down Fernwood Ave almost every day. I'm sure we saw them too. Also we found out Jesse know's Peter's ex-wives stepdaughter (i know it's a little complicated). They went to chiropractic school together. What a very small world. Wendy and Peter took us for lunch to the American Club and then drove us around the city to areas we haven't been to yet. It was a wonderful day. I suspect we will be hanging out with them more and more. Thanks Mrs. Tinsman for the contact!!

The other pics included in this post are of our apartment building called, Thamrin City, and a picture of Jesse standing in front of the river by our building. This river may look nice in the picture but it is actually nicknamed "shit river." It has a sort-of nuclear green color and is totally filled with grossness, garbage, and probably bacterial shit. If the wind is blowing just right you can get a whiff of the pungent, ripe smell of poo. The other pic is of a unique building that seems to have a crown on top. I'm not sure if this is a residence or a business park, but it's a pretty building.

Overall, we are enjoying ourselves. It gets better daily. Jesse is working and I am keeping myself busy reading, working out (about 2 hours a day) and hanging out by the pool. Let's hope I get a job soon.

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