Monday, December 7, 2009

The Yucatan Peninsula

Our trip, up to this point, has been all about making it to the Yucatan Peninsula by December 6 to see our friends that were are here for weddings. So, the date has come and we are here and it has been very different from the rest of our trip and we have had an absolute blast. The first friend we met was Matt (the mustache man) who was staying in Playa Del Carmen for a wedding. We got to hang out with him and his finance Christina for a few days in the spring-break-esque Playa Del Carmen. The next couple we met was Jessi's old co-worker Damel and her husband Craig from Davenport. They were at the Dreams resort in Tulum. Jessi and I decided it would be worth it to get a day pass and enjoy the all inclusive lifestyle for a bit and let me tell you we made the most of that with drinks on the beach and food when you want it... like i said, sightly different from what our trip has been. It was even more of change coming off of 9 consecutive days sleeping in our van or the tent. Oh yeah, I should also add the our time on the Yucatan was started by Jessi locking our keys in the van. Luckily I have done this many times before and breaking into our van was as easy as a Mexican picking us out as gringos. All I needed was 50 pesos worth of supplies from the local hardware store and the help of 3 Mexican cab drivers and the keys surrendered the strong hold where Jessi had left them on the bed in the back of the van. Not sure how long were are going to stay here but we are missing our surfboards so something tells me we may be back on the Pacific coast before to long.

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