Sunday, December 20, 2009

Costa Esmeralda

From Catamaco we continued north and had one of the most pleasant surprises of the trip thus far. We were sitting in a coffee shop calling our family and taking care of business when a dude recognized us as out-of-towners and asked us if we were passing through or hanging out for a while. Through conversation we discovered that he could use a little help with some new bikes he purchased and was also having some shoulder and neck issues. Luckily I just spent the last few years of my life dedicated to cycling and working on necks and shoulders. He invited us over for breakfast the next day and we had and amazing time hanging out with his family at their beautiful resort. Check out this link and if any of you need a getaway I recommend this for a quiet spot with easy access to a lot of adventure.

Check out the website for TABOGA their Eco Boutique Hotel. (just click on Taboga)

Omid, Bannja, and their little hijo, Emil, were so gracious to us it felt as though we were relaxing with old friends. I have posted a picture of only the place because we were stupid and didn't get a picture with their family. Oh well, next time we hang out we will.

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