Sunday, December 20, 2009


So on our way to GTO we decided to stop in a little mountain town called Xilitla (hee-lit-la). It's a pretty unusual town built into the side of hills similar to San Francisco. The streets are very, very steep. So steep in fact that the Oyster couldn't get up one of them. Xilitla is well known for a little area called Las Pozas (The Pools). Las Pozas was an artistic creation by a man named Sir Edward James. This man was a descendant of King James 7 and had loads of money to use for his grownup playground. That's exactly what this place is. He was also one of the founders of the NYC Ballet and a huge advocate for artists and poets. He started out by creating giant concrete floral arrangements and through the years began building structures with staircases to nowhere. His property also has a beautiful waterfall running through and during the warm months people can swim here. I have put up some picks of the structures and the one Jesse and I are standing on top of is around 150ft high. It was super scary because there are no railings to hang onto and it is a suspended platform that makes you feel like you are floating. Jesse and I spent 4 hours in this adult wonderland and are excited about our return to this town.

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