Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our travels have finally brought us to a place where we are able to stay for more than a few days, and it has been fantastic. Jessi and I have a friend from chiropractic school and his family gave us the opportunity to spend a few days in there beautiful casa in Guanajuato. The Kittleson's have a lovely two story house with a rooftop that has a great view of the city. Guanajuato is an old silver mining town that fills a valley in the surrounding rolling hills. Since it is crammed into that ravine and had a bunch of old abandoned mines most of the roads are in tunnels underneath the city. It was pretty tough navigating through the streets when we first got here but there was no better vehicle to handle the task than our van. We have rewarded the van by not driving it since we got here. We have already spent Christmas here and plan to spend New Year's Eve as well before we start the journey back north.

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