Friday, December 4, 2009

San Cristobal

San Cristobal is a majestic little town in the south central mountains very close to the border of Guatemala. It is a town full of beautiful churches, lots of artisans and mayan tradition. Although we didn't see any of the Mayan tradition we did hear and see a little bit of the celebration of Sister Guadalupe that continues on until Dec 12. This celebration includes fireworks every night until 9am. Yes, it continues throughout the night all night until 9am. It's not just fireworks, it's a cannon that they shoot off as well. Not only are there fireworks but there is an excessive amount of drinking that goes on. We walked the stairs to the church and found 30 or 40 people at the top drinking and eating and having a great time. It was pretty neat and kinda weird at the same time.

Jesse and I went to the Mayan museum and found a little place in town to see a movie. By the way, i'm not sure what the movie was called but it was terrible. Yup, worst movie ever. Anyway, it was fun to just stroll the town and find little places that have not really been discovered. One of these little places was the Panaderia on the corner of Insurgentes and Don Francisco. Okay, before I tell you what is in this place I have to explain something. I (jessi girl) am on a quest for the best biscuits and gravy in the world. Which as of right now is in Allen's Park, Co. Jesse, on the other hand, is on a quest for the best churro in the world. Ok, now back to the bakery. We saw a woman making fresh churros and of course had to get one. She even put a little sweet cream frosting in the middle which made it even more delicious. So, what i'm getting at here is that this Panaderia in San Cristobal has the best churro in the entire world as of right now. Everyone should go there to get one.

So far San Cristobal has been our favorite city in Mexico.

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