Friday, December 4, 2009


Palenque is a town in the jungle with one of the most impressive and well preserved ruins in all of Mexico.

On the way to Palenque we stopped at Agua Azul. A beautiful waterfall in the middle of the jungle. The water is cold but we swam and it was very refreshing. Jesse was a little bummed out because he lost one of his flip flops.

We camped at a place called Mayabell in Palenque which is right in the middle of the jungle not far from the ruins. At night the howler monkeys make the most awful noises that sound like their soul is being sucked out of them with a vacuum. It is really neat to hear all of these noises at night and also a little freaky. The trees here have vines growing out of them and all around to make a perfect canopy. The ruins of Palenque are the same way. If they haven't been dug up and restored there are jungle vines growing all over them. Still 15km of this city hasn't been uncovered. There is a lot of history in this town and is one of the largest places the Mayan people lived.

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  1. You might be jealous of our fabulous mustaches, but think about how we feel when we see your tans! I am so glad you two made this trip a reality. It's an experience that will change you forever.