Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sayulita and Tenacatita

Oh my, Sayulita. I can't say anything that would tell how amazing this place is. It is a small beach town and kinda hectic with beautiful scenery, epic surfing, lots of Americans but still a very Mexican area. Jesse and I stayed at Playa Camarones, which was supposed to be the crappier of the two camp grounds but we definitely thought it was the nicer of the two. We plopped our tent under a palapa, hung our hammock and called this place home for two days. I feel as though that won't be our last time in Sayulita. The sunsets here weren't as epic because it faces more toward the north, but the surfing at sunset made up for it. We are on a great routine now of getting up and running the beach, taking a swim, going for coffee, then hitting the beach again for some surfing. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sayulita.

We have only been gone a day and I want to go back for two weeks.

The pictures are coming. Internet sucks down here. We love you!

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