Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam and Veronica

I forgot to talk about these two in the last posting. So here's the story. Adam and Veronica are the first people we met on this trip and they are from the Czech Republic. We met them in San Blas and they left one day before us. We got their email and figured we would probably never see them again. Lo and behold driving down a street in Zihuatenejo, while we were trying to find a place to stay, guess who we see walking down the street. Yup, Adam and Veronica. I think we both were so happy to see each other in a different place in Mexico. They ended up riding in the van with us all the way to Puerto Escondido lying down in the back. They were also there for the happenings in Acapulco. We stayed next to them in our tent in Puerto Escondido and ate dinner together every night. For some reason I feel that this won't be our last time meeting up with these two.

So of course, we made them take a pic with us in front of our van.

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