Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Pacific Coast

So that last post was joke. Our van didn't burn down, as a matter of fact it is running like a top, accept for some weird noise coming from the rear end but I figure if we ignore it long enough it will go away. Anyway, we had a great time in Guaymas and San Carlos and met some really great people. We played poker and drank with the boys our age who live in front of Marcia and Paul's. The next day they took us to the Piedras Pinturas, where we snorkeled. WE saw some beautiful fish and other sea creatures.

We left last Sunday for a marathon driving day to Mazatlan. We drove all day and stayed at a great place that was right next to the Pacific. It's refreshing to see the ocean. The place we stayed was a bit expensive at $20 a night so we left Monday and drove four more hours south to San Blas. We ended up at Stoner's Surf Camp which is only $6 a night. That's more our speed and we were allowed to use their kitchen for cooking and dishes. We decided to have a surf lesson from Jose Manuel Cono who is a pro-surfer. There are pictures of him on the wall surfing 20 ft. waves. He is an excellent instructor. I saw this because Jesse and I went out later in the day and caught at least 3 waves a piece. We love surfing!!!! We are also very glad we did this type of Honeymoon. It's been very relaxing and active and fun!

We are sad but we have to leave San Blas today because I have been attacked by twelve thousand mosquitoes and five thousand no-see-ems. Further south the bugs aren't as bad.

The pictures I have uploaded are us on the beach in Mazatlan. The others are from San Blas of our campsite and the place we were staying.

Today we are headed to Chicalla.

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