Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gringo?? Cervesas Belluga (whale beers), Por Favor!!

So………………We finally made it to our first destination of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. This is a pretty huge feat because we have been traveling for so long I thought we were never going to make it. As far as our experience of crossing the border and getting here I will start from the beginning. We left Brian Sloyan’s house at 5:30 a.m. and headed straight South to Nogales, AZ. We were a little nervous and really didn’t know what to expect but as we approached and spoke with the border patrol it was very easy and made us a little more relaxed. We had to go 21 km further south to get our tourist card and our car permit. As we approached the “Declare”, “Nothing to Declare,” we had no idea what to do. I tried to speak a little broken Spanish to a lady and she just gave me a look like I may be a little mental. Anyway, she sent a young man over and he asked what was in the car and I said, “ropa y mantas.” This means clothes and blankets. Yup, that’s all I could pull out of my Spanish vocab so he said, “pull over I need to search your car.” It took about two seconds and he was done. Getting the tourist card and car permit was super easy but took about an hour and it was at a place ten miles further down the road. So four hours later on a windy, hilly road with lots of speeding Mexican drivers (by far the worst drivers EVER!), we arrived at Marcia and Paul’s. They live in a sweet bungalow on the Sea of Cortez. A few things we needed to know here: Mexicans are really friendly. It is not dangerous is Mexico (unless you are hanging around the drug trade business). The plumbing is bad so don’t flush the toilet paper, put it in the wastebasket. And if you accidentally do put it in the toilet you have to find a creative way to fish it out. So far we have seen Guaymas, which is more “old” Mexico and San Carlos, which is where all the gringos live, “new” Mexico. Yup, everyone calls Americans gringos and it is perfectly fine and normal. All of the people we have met so far are really nice, welcoming and we feel very safe. Even if we were wandering around at midnight we would still feel very safe. The only thing we are uneasy about is the drivers on the road.

We have been waking up every morning and immediately going to the beach for a barefoot jog and a swim after that. The water is so pretty and warm here. Jesse stepped on a crab yesterday and today I kicked a fish. But that won’t stop either of us from doing these things every morning. We love it, and best of all we are getting tan! Jesse painted an old boat tonight so we can take it out Thursday and snorkel. I’m excited for this.

The picture of the mountain with the sunset is name Tetakowie. This translates to goat titties. When Paul told us this we died laughing. I'm still very immature at 26 years old. They also took us to a little fishing village called, La Manga, where we ate the best fresh clams ever. So there you have it. Fresh clams and Goat titties. Yay, Mexico HA!

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