Thursday, November 19, 2009

La Ticla

Hey there beginner surfer....... if you want to get your ass kicked at surfing please come here. That should be the ad for this town. Anyway, La Ticla is a sleepy little surf town for more intermediate surfers. This didn't stop us from loving it anyway. We camped for 100 pesos a night, which is about 8 something in USD. Our days here consisted of running in the morning and and having a little surf in the late morning and evenings, and in between was spending a lot of time reading in our hammocks. Oh how much I love our hammocks! Thanks Kelli H!! You should come meet us and sit in the hammock too. We met some great people in La Ticla and some very great surfers. On our way home we are for sure going to stop here again. It's beautiful, not buggy and kind of discovered without really being discovered.

We also ate with our new Canadian friends one night. They took us to a restaurant up the hill from the beach where they only serve the special. The special is usually shrimp but since it was the owners birthday they served lobster. The lobster only cost 100 pesos a piece! And it was a full lobster. Oh my Gosh, this was the best lobster I have ever eaten in my life and it cost less than 9 dollars. Needless to say, we were all in heaven!

So lastly, I'm not sure if this is going to be a thing for us but in San Blas I got a shload of misquote bites just before we left. Right as we were going to leave La Ticla, I unfortunately got stung in the head by a wasp! It ambushed me right out of nowhere and stung me at least 4 times. My forehead is swollen a bit and I think my eye is too. I totally cried too. I'm a huge baby.

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