Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mom's House

After Minnesota round 2 we finally, made our way to mom's house in Missouri. A place close to the Lake of the Ozarks. They have a pretty sweet house and the trees were just starting to change so it made it even more beautiful.

We had lots of activities planned. Our first priority was to get a new camera. We ended up getting a camera that takes underwater pictures. We figured it would be nice to be able to have two camera's for different things. So now we can take pictures while snorkeling and surfing, which will be really fun.

Mom and Rick had Wednesday and Thursday off and took us to the Bass Pro Shop, a gigantic outdoor gear shop, and we also visited Fort Leonardwood, where my mom is a barber on base. There is a great historical museum if you ever find yourself in that area. They decided to have a tour of the caves and we visited Meramak Caverns. Jesse James' hideout after he stole a bunch of money from the Colorado railroad. We also went to the St. James Winery. It was an interesting take on the wine world. Not the usual California winery but still very nice with a few good wines. After that they took us to a restaurant located in a cave. Yes, I know it sounds really weird but it was in a cave. The food was pretty good but overall it was just an interesting experience.

We left on Saturday for Dallas but didn't leave until later in the day because we were waiting for some books to arrive in the mail. Fifteen minutes before we left I get a call from Jesse asking me to come help him find his glasses. He was long boarding down the road in the back of mom's house and rolled over some wet leaves and flew off of his skateboard. He is still nursing his wounds but I think he is going to live.

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  1. I like that pic of you and your mom. (right?) you have the same smile.