Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Golden Kernel

After Minnesota we ventured south diagonally through Iowa to visit our families and friends in the Quad Cities and outer areas. We were in the area for a little over two weeks and it was very fulfilling. On the way we had to stop at the Iowa 80 truck stop which is, in case you were wondering, the World's Largest Truck Stop EVER!!!

We hung out with Dad (Gail), Cody, Wyatt, Cody’s new BF Bob, Dad (Keith), Carolyn and Taylor most of the nights. We got some quality Ben and Joe time for a few days. That's always Nice!!! I even got to hang out with Wyatt during the days while Cody was at work sometimes. I was getting in my aunt time since we are going to be gone for a while. We did lots of relaxing and eating and some more eating and some more relaxing. Other things we did while in the Quad Cities included, driving in the cornfield to get pictures of our van which lead to the usage of 4 wheel drive in our van that eventually broke and got fixed all in the same 48 hours. Better in Illinois than Mexico, right?? The van also got some sexy new shocks. They look so hot!! The back of our van got a really nice makeover, too. Jesse and his dad built up the back with a surfboard compartment and extra storage underneath so we can keep things nice and tidy during out trip. On top of the surfboards are two sheets of plywood that have a foam mattress on top from my dad’s camper, so if we do have to sleep in the van we can. Also, when either one of us is driving the other one can sleep in the back.

The second weekend we were there we left for Madison for Jamie and Micah’s wedding. It was probably one of the most exciting weddings ever! Lots of dancing, beer and great German songs. We love you Micah and Jamie. Thanks for the good time!!

After our stay in the QC, we both feel as though we have had enough red meat and potatoes for the next year. We will be ready for it again when the time comes. We love our families and will miss you while we are traveling!!

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  1. We loved having you here and love that you are on your way!
    It would be fantastic to hear from you before you cross the border
    : )