Friday, October 30, 2009

Mexico! Here we come... finally

Alas the time has come for us to cross into the unknown. I think Jessi and I have been putting up mental barriers preventing us from actually leaving the country. Maybe I am just speaking for myself but tomorrow ends any anxiousness or fear of the unprepared and we dip down south and begin the Mexican portion of our journey.
We left Dallas on Monday and drove all the way across that gigantic state only to have the van break down directly after crossing in to New Mexico. We were graciously towed back to Las Cruces, New Mexico from our friendly AAA provider to the only open repair shop at 6 pm. I do have to say that my plan to get an older vehicle that is easy to work on sort of back fired because the bearing that went out was apparently the most unique part in the universe and the repair shop had to send for it on Mars. Needless to say we were stranded for four days. A little frustrated at first we maintained that adaptive spirit that we have learned to embrace thus far and made the most by seeing all that south central New Mexico had to offer. We were able to see the White Sands National Monument, which looked like snow, and then we actually saw a snow storm in a beautiful little mountain town called Cloudcroft. I recommend hitting this little spot if you are near.
After the repairs were finished we headed to Tuscon to stay with a friend from the Bay area, Bryan Sloyan. It was a fabulous time. His parents graciously opened their doors and gave us a bunch of great ideas of things to see and do in the area but our short stay limited us to just a hike. I guess I shouldn't say "just a hike" because the Sabino canyon was breathtaking. We will definitely be back to Tuscon. Geeze, with all these places we have stopped and loved I don't know how Jessi and I are ever going to settle anywhere. Well, this is our last American post so we will see you all in Mexico...

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