Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas!

Continuing south there is nothing else you can do but land in Texas... and stay for a week. Our plans had called for two days with our friends Jamie and Micah but Dr. Paul and Sheri, Micah's parents, had a different idea. There was a lot going on throughout the coming week in Dallas so Sheri talked to us about our lack of commitment to a timeline and the importance of maintaining an adaptive spirit while traveling, so instead of 2 we stayed for 8 days. And Let me tell y'all, it was worth it. Our week started out with the largest, much like a lot of what you will find in Texas, state fair in the United States, posing with Big Tex, a huge Texan truck, and, of course, eating some corn dogs. The following day was spent downtown Dallas where we experienced the history of the JFK murder. The Dealey commons still maintains an eerie presence as you walk through one of the most pivotal moments in American history.
Since we decided to stay the week we had some time to drive down to Austin, TX and visit one my college friends, Katie, who has worked as a teacher for last 5 years there. We were able to tour the Texas capitol building which was a beautifully designed building that told the story of one of the most unique states in the union. Then back up to Dallas for a fun filled weekend as Jamie and Micah celebrated their recent wedding with a reception for the Texan family and friends. Jamie's parents, John and Lori, came down from Wisconsin to help celebrate and we had a fantastic weekend of fun that was capped with the Dallas Cowboys game in the ridiculously large, glitzy stadium that houses the largest center hung screen in any stadium, measuring 160 across and 70 feet high... crazy. On top of all that, another college friend of mine, Chris, recently started school at the Dallas Theological Seminary and was able to get tickets to the Dallas Symphony which was absolutely amazing. Needless to say Jessi and I are so grateful for everything we experienced and all the Lichtey family provided during our stay... something tells me this won't be our last time in Texas


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