Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting encounters.

So as the title states we have had a few interesting encounters with some other Toyota "Spacevan" owners. As you may have seen earlier there was an encounter with the van owner from Boulder. This truly is a colt following because when one owner see's another there is always some type of exchange involved, whether it be a wave of the hand, a little chat, or a flicker of the headlights. Jesse and I really think this is pretty awesome.

That being said, we were driving in the middle of South Dakota, more in the flat plains area and we see a white object that has a similar setup as our van. It had a black Tulle box on the top and two bikes hanging from the back. As we got closer we noticed that it was the exact same as our van except it was the stock model. The stock model has no windows in it and this one was also white. So of course we drive by and honk the horn and wave like any of the other drivers would do.

About fifty miles down the road we stopped for gas and the white van followed. The man got out of his van and introduce himself as Mitchell, from Montana, headed to Minnesota. Come to find out Mitchell is travelling for a few months in New Zealand then to Utah fro ski season and then back to Montana after that. Mitchell also gave us the contact of a woman who owns a bar off the coast of Honduras called The Twisted Tucan on an island called Roatan. We are definitely going to go there and meet his friend.

It's these kind of exciting things we look forward to on our travels and we ready and grateful for these types of encounters.

After we met Mitchell, we went to Mitchell, SD to the corn palace. It's a place where the local schools play basketball and they occasionally have concerts. I would say if you are passing through you should probably stop but overall it pretty much sucked.

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