Saturday, September 12, 2009

Arrival of a departure

The time for goodbyes has come and gone, the adventures begun, and our van has already devoured 1,600 miles of open road. Goodbyes are never easy but our friends from the Bay are nothing short of the most fantastic support system any couple could ever want. We left on a Saturday morning September 5 when the plans for this trip came together and the time felt right. So the date drew near with skepticism a predominant theme among our comrades but La Ostra has solidified the position as the third and most stable member of our family.

Like Jessi said the month of September will bring us around and through some of the highlights of this great country, national parks mostly. We want to make sure we take full advantage of the time we have set aside so if we pass anything worth seeing you can bet your bottom dollar we are going to stop unless, of course, it doesn’t fit in to our rigid schedule that rarely varies from the 15 minute increment slots we have tirelessly structured to force fun upon us…

Actually this trip is exactly the opposite of that. We have destinations that are tentative and length of stay that are even more slippery. We see family and friends as we go and leave when we are ready. Another strange phenomenon I feel I should mention is the generous nature of the Oyster, motivated by saving the suspension, it seems that at every stop we loose some of our belongings to family for safe keeping while we are gone.

We are in Boulder, CO now visiting my sister Angelie, brother in-law Jeff, and baby niece Petra, who is the cutest baby I have ever see. Check out there blog at We have been gone for a week so in the next few days we will post the pictures from the past week for you viewing enjoyment… See you soon.

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