Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aunt Dick and Uncle Donna's House

At this point of our trip we were on our way to Dick and Donna's. Aunt Donna is my grandpa Kerns' sister. I'm pretty sure she is my oldest living reletive. On the way to their beautiful home in Creede, Colorado we stopped at Mesa Verde in Cortez, Co. This is an amazing area of cliff dwellings settled by the Pueblo civilizations.

We had a good time hanging out with Uncle Dick and Aunt Donna. Here is an example of a typical day with them: Wake up at 7:30, shower, have coffee. 9a.m. go to Breakfast. After breakfast drive around and see the sites. 2p.m. Siesta for 2 hours. 5p.m. Margaritas and dinner. 9p.m. Bedtime. I can really get used to this lifestyle. It's very laid back and easy going. They were great host and we were grateful to visit with them.

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  1. Hi Jessies--

    Am curious where you are at this point in your travels? Don't know what route you're following through Mexico, but if you happen to be passing through San Miguel de Allende let me know. My brother and I own a house there ( and if you're tired of your tent or the back of the van and could use a real shower and a real bed you're welcome to stay there for a couple of nights.
    Let me