Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Shower

Last Sunday our wonderful friends along with the help of Jesse hosted another baby shower for us at our house in Singapore. I often times say how grateful we are to have such a GREAT, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, group of friends and this just made us feel very at home. Derrick and Janelle made the guess date calendar on one of our mirrors in the house and everyone gets to guess the date which they think the baby is going to be born. Whoever is closest will get a special prize, a new car. Yup, you heard it, Janelle promised a new car!! Hopefully it's me who wins. Derrick and Janelle also were responsible for the lovely decorations, as well as, the PINATA!! No adult party will EVER be complete without a pink pony shaped pinata. We had a really great time wacking that thing around!

The picture of all the bibs laid out on the table was a fun game we played. Everyone had to decorate a bib with puff paint (provided by Sara E. all the way from Jakarta) and then I got to pick the winner. The winner is one that has a person rock climbing with a baby in the sling and it says, "climb on." It was fun and now we won't have to buy baby bibs for a VERY long time!!

The photo of me with the yellow and black striped outfit on my belly is something Jesse and I have been wanting to get for a VERY long time. Pretty much since we found out we were pregnant. It's a swimsuit that looks like a bumble bee, complete with wings and a swim cap that has little antennas. It's sooooooooooo stinkin' cute, I can't wait until we can take out little one swimming in that outfit. We loved all of the gifts that everyone brought and are super excited to share this experience with all of our friends. Thanks to Everyone who is making this experience special for us too! We are excited to meet our little bundle and are happy she will be spending her first years around such radiatingly positive beautiful people.

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