Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brian Time

I'm not sure if we told you but our friend Brian is now living here with his wife. We have a really great time galavanting around town together and terrorizing the local Singaporeans. Maybe terrorizing is the wrong word because none of us are really known for that. We are grateful to have our friends here and assure you we are always having a good time. This particular Friday, Jesse and Brian's day off, we of course, went strolling through the Botanical Gardens but this time we made it interesting. We made Vitamin B's. Vitamin B is Vitaman V's cousin. Instead of mixing Vitamin water with vodka (Vitamin V), we decided to get creative and mix it with Bacardi instead. It's all we had and I must say it got the job done. Of course, I was sober the whole time but it was fun watching these yahoo's running around the park. We also sat under a trellis and watched a rain storm for an hour or so. It was very beautiful and we had a wonderful night. One of our favorite parts in the Botanical Garden's is the bonsai garden with Bonsai trees that are hundreds of years old.

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