Friday, February 4, 2011

Eating our way through Botanical Gardens

Jesse and I live about a ten minute walk away from the Botanical Gardens and spend quite a bit of time jogging and reading there. I decided it would be a fabulous idea for us to have a picnic in the park and then Jesse suggested we take a gazebo tour and eat each different part of our picnic in a different gazebo. Although it was raining pretty much the whole time we had a really great evening in the park. It's really nice for us to have such a beautiful (free) outlet so close. This is one of the things we will be doing more of in the future when the rainy season ends. We are even trying to get our friends on board to come with too!

Our menu for the night was this:

Deviled Eggs (san paprika, i didn't have any and Jesse almost refused to eat them)

Smoked ham sandwiches with mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato, some people have mistaken this delicious looking sandwich as a taco from the picture.

Fruit salad with fresh Korean strawberries, Malaysian grapes, bananas, plums. (this was my fav)

Dessert from our favorite corner shop. Apple tart, Jesse's pick. It was delicious.

P.S. Sorry for the late posting, I've had lack of material but i'm totally on it now and I won't go that long again.

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